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The world map showing the state of press freedom in different countries is not a pretty sight. The “good” and the “very bad” places are not particularly newsworthy but it’s interesting to see the patches of “reasonable” countries in Southern America (Suriname, French Guyana and Uruguay) and in Africa (Burkino Faso, Niger, Botswana and South Africa).

And is “reasonable” good enough for places like the US (down 14 places in the ranking to 46 out of a total of 180 countries), Australia, Britain (four points lower to number 33), France, Italy, Spain and Portugal? And shame on the world’s largest democracy (India) which scores a “bad” rating coming in at 140 (same as 2013).

The map is compiled by Reporters without Borders and has categories:
— green is “good”
— yellow is “reasonable”
— orange is “problematic”
— red is “bad”
— black is “very bad”

Check out the organisation’s full 2014 Press Freedom Index. Top of the list are Finland, the Netherlands and Norway. Eritrea is at the bottom.