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Training should be entertaining

Finally got round to checking out a couple of tips from a training colleague of mine and discovered Japan-based communications expert and former Apple executive Garr Reynolds. Wow! Clicking on to his 2012 TEDxOsama presentation, I couldn’t couldn’t help smiling and nodding in agreement all the way through the 20 minute presentation. Great to hear much of the theory I use in my training – and totally believe in – so entertainingly presented.

The classroom is the most anti-brain environment

And I didn’t click off after five minutes either – because Garr’s performance really keeps you watching, and listening – and learning.

You can forget facts but you can’t forget understanding

Some of his tips in a nutshell (they might sound famliar to many of my ‘training the trainer’ particiants):

  • use a variety of actvities
  • get people to do things
  • get people to move around
  • visuals should be visual (duh!)
  • use analogue as well as digital tools
  • get close to your audience
  • and my own favourite: smile