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Sometimes KISS is not the answer

It’s a long read, but the sort of story that makes you proud of journalism. A Norwegian journalist hears about a body in a wetsuit that is washed ashore in Norway.

He could have reported the facts and left it at that. But he doesn’t. He goes out and looks for the story. It takes him from Norway to an island in the north of the Netherlands, on to the ‘illegal immigrant’ camp at Calais in France and finally, via the UK, to a Syrian family living in exile in Jordan.

It takes the reader from the inhumane reality of ‘the wetsuitman’ to the real life story of Mouaz Al Balkhia, a 22 year old student, son and brother.

It’s a long read, but well worth it. A tribute not only to slow journalism but to socially engaged journalism.

The journalist who wrote the story, Anders Fjellberg didn’t keep it short – it’s almost 8,000 words – or particularly simple in terms of content. But he tells the story with simplicity and dedication. Narrative journalism at its best.

 The story is published, in English, on Dagbladert’s website.