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Lesson learnt – through personal experience

The best way to learn is by making mistakes – but preferably during a training session rather than ‘real life’. U2Media co-trainer Mark Fuller speaks from personal experience…


I recently opened a big event at a multinational company in southern Holland. The hall was full and my speech went well, receiving a warm round of applause.

The Green Quest event was my idea: getting companies to invest in green technology by showing them that this is good not only for the environment, but also the company’s bottom line. Our slogan is ‘profit from sustainability’.

In five previous events we have shown how investing in green policies delivers a healthy return, whether your business is health care, banking, entertainment, transport or agri-food. mark 2015 So there I stood, in my best pinstripe, feeling proud. The photos from the event were good. Not surprising as they were taken by one of the best news photographers in the country, Jeroen Oerlemans who combines this ‘commercial’ work with life-risking trips to Libya and Syria (during one recent project he was kidnapped, but luckily managed  to escape – although he was shot in the leg).

I selected one of the photos for Facebook, showing me in full flow, arms wide, eyes focused on the people in the hall. On the photo I noticed there was a screen behind me, lit with a blue-green colour that nicely enhanced the way I looked.

Great I thought. Then it happened: a FB friend looked closer at the screen and found the text NO VISION in large white letters. And then the jokes poured in – the man without insight, blinded by his vanity.

Despite all the media trainings I’ve given with U2Media, I had myself forgotten one of the golden rules: always check the background against which you are being filmed or photographed!

I hope I have now learned my lesson. At least next time I contribute in a training I will be able to speak from experience…

Photo by Jeroen Oerlemans