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Email: / Phone: +31 (0)20 673 4774 / Mobile: +31 (0)6 520 66 499

Journalism training worldwide

The media sector hugely under-estimates the importance of training – it would be great if organisations invested as much time and effort in human capacity as they do in technology.

Do you use text to communicate? To tell stories online, on Facebook and on Twitter? To inform and explain things people need to know? Then you may be a journalist – but you could also be a communication professional at a company, pubic sector organisation or NGO. Because storytelling is no longer the exclusive domain of journalists.

Our journalism training reflects the changing face of journalism but is firmly embedded in the values of producing fair and accurate text. For news organisations this means making sure their journalists are fast, independent, critical and reader oriented. That’s not very different for communication professionals working for NGOs, public sector organisations or companies.

U2Media delivers courses and workshops on online journalism for media organisations, training/education institutes, NGOs, and companies in both the public and private sector.

This can vary from a one-day workshop to a course of several weeks. Anywhere in the world. U2Media’s main trainer Abi Daruvalla has over 25 years experience as a journalist and is co-founder of the English-language news website

As well as general training on how to write effective online text, Abi also offers a specific workshop for professional bloggers. 

Interviewing is a vital part of journalism but it's not always easy for journalists to ask questions in English if this is not their native tongue.  A Google translation won’t work…

U2Media also offers training in multimedia journalism (combining text, images, audio/video).

Check out U2Media’s clients and the special journalism training projects Abi has worked on around the world.