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Former trainee in BBC’s Top 100 Women

Congrats to Jaya Luintel, one of my former trainees who has been named in the BBC’s Top 100 Women 2014 list! Jaya is a Nepali journalist and women’s rights campaigner.

The 100 Women list is a pledge from BBC to represent women better in its international news output. This year’s list includes women’s rights activists, scientists, women in the arts, doctors, lawyers, journalists, and women in war. Most (except for Ruby Wax) are not household names but well known and well respected in their various fields. Great that the BBC is giving them this ‘mainstream’ honour.

Jaya is founder and CEO of The Kitchen Story, “a platform where we can invite other women of different ages, communities, cultures and languages to listen, to share and to transform their lives through storytelling”.

She was one of the participants in RNTC’s 6-week Training the Trainers course in 2010. She mailed me yesterday: “I would like to thank you for all your continuous support and solidarity. Thank you for helping me grow.” No thanks needed Jaya, it is a pleasure.

Nice to see Rebecca Gomperts, founder of Women on Waves, on the list too – I remember nominating her for Time’s annual heroes list some years ago when I was the magazine’s Dutch correspondent. The editors turned her down as “too controversial”.