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Email: / Phone: +31 (0)20 673 4774 / Mobile: +31 (0)6 520 66 499

2014 kicks off at full speed…

The year has kicked off with a bang. In the coming couple of weeks I will be busy preparing and giving a writing workshop for 40 researchers who work for the Dutch foreign ministry’s market intelligence unit and editing two reports on a Syrian news website.

I’m also looking forward to returning to Nairobi in February to do a three-day blogging workshop for Kenyan journalists organised by the Dutch World Service.

Later in the year I’m hoping to get involved with Rockstart.accelerator, a brilliant Amsterdam-based initiative which helps start-ups from around the world get up and running in 100 days.

Normally January and February are relatively quiet months for U2Media – which is why I booked a three-week vacation in Mexico from January 20 to February 10. Looking forward to that too!