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Email: / Phone: +31 (0)20 673 4774 / Mobile: +31 (0)6 520 66 499
U2Media Training & Consultancy

U2Media specialises in training for the international media & communication sector: media training, training journalists & communication professionals and training the trainers. We also offer workshops and consultancy services on how to make training more effective.

Training is about creating an environment in which people can fulfill their own potential. That means not only sharing knowledge and skills, but motivating people to develop and improve their talents on all levels.
Abi Daruvalla, U2Media


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What do you do when your training is interrupted by gunfire?

It’s not every day that your training is interrupted by gunfire and it threw up an interesting professional dilemma – and not one you’ll find in many Training of Trainers handbooks. What do you do? Ignore it and go on? Take a break and then forget it? I was about half way through a TOT […]





Is journalism about news or story-telling?

Can you call yourself a journalist if you are allergic to breaking news? The future of journalism is no longer about multimedia, interactivity or curating. No, all of that goes without saying. Now the discussion is back to online basics: long-form story-telling versus breaking news. According to former NYT multimedia journalist Zach Wise, long-form journalism […]

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